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The New Jersey Public Housing Authority Joint Insurance Fund (NJPHAJIF) provides All-Lines insurance coverage to New Jersey Public Housing Authorities and their related non-profit entities.  The fund was formed by a core group of less than 10 public housing members for the purpose of providing Workers Compensation Insurance coverage. The fund was formed in the early 1990s as a result of some turmoil in the private insurance market which resulted in excessive costs and an inability by some members to obtain insurance coverage.  In 1990, the State of New Jersey passed legislature which allowed public bodies to form Joint Insurance Funds.  Today, most public bodies participate in one of the many Joint Insurance Funds.  The small group of charter members has grown to more than 80 members with a complete All-lines insurance program.  Today, the NJPHAJIF is the largest Joint Insurance Fund in the State of New Jersey based upon membership.  The fund continues to grow and has established a positive track record in addressing it members' insurance needs, while staying true to its core mission.


This website serves as a transparency vehicle for members of the public.  The Joint Insurance Fund is a public body and is subject to the requirements of the Local Fiscal Control Act, Local Public Contracts Law, Open Public Meetings Act, Open Public Records Act and the Local Government Ethics Law.  This website provides important information regarding the administration of the fund and actions being taken by its Executive Board.